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Pink Diamond Wedding's reputation for excellence and attention to detail is built on a solid foundation of exceptional service. This is only possible with a team of professional with tremendous work ethic and expertise in their field. Pink Diamond Wedding has become the preferred wedding planning company for many couples and is on the recommendation list of many of the world-class hotels in Hong Kong.

MACY LEE - Director

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With years of experience working in PR agencies and in the marketing fields for different global brands, she is trained to be detail oriented and capable to work under challenging and dynamic environments.

What made her fall in love with wedding event is the human elements of a wedding. "Managing a wedding event is not like a corporate event; you must treat the couples as if they were your friends. A professional wedding planning team also has its commitments to couples. We believe on your beautiful wedding day, it has to be delightful and stress free. You and your special guests deserve to experience the Wedding Day to the fullest."

Macy believes with our knowledge and passion in creating the perfect wedding, we are committed to deliver the perfect and elegant weddings to every couple looking for something unforgettable.

As the Director of Pink Diamond Wedding, she strives to bring a unique wedding experience for trendsetting couple. She also emphasis the importance of communications of how well our planners communicate and "sync" with couples, 2-way communications is always the key to success to a "beautiful" wedding. With the uprising of numerous contemporary and refreshing wedding ideas, Macy is dedicated to inject more new elements to the wedding model. She also makes her best efforts to position Pink Diamond Wedding as the trendsetting pioneer in the wedding industry.

LORETTA - Project Executive

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I have always had a fantasy about my own marriage since I was young. To me, the wedding day stands among the most important occasions a couple can experience in their lifetime. Notwithstanding the weight I put on marriage, I have never thought of relating this to my career. So what brings me to this? A dear friend of mine whom allowed me to take part in preparing for her wedding definitely deserves my vote of thanks.

It was this first time I came across wedding preparation. We looked through magazines, glanced through all kinds of wedding dresses and searched for the most suitable venue for her big day. Every time I looked at her, I could see an unforgettably sweet and blissful smile on her. I then have decided to give her the perfect and unique wedding. Throughout the whole process, I have very much enjoyed it. After this experience, I have determined to be a wedding planner and would like to bring happiness to every single couple who has been longing for this special moment in their lives. Although I have heard that planning and organizing a wedding may get up stressful, anyhow nothing can beat the great feeling of satisfaction witnessing events being held successfully and couples' joyful faces.

I really hope my enthusiasm for work and innovative thinking can bring the couple a peace of mind throughout the special day and would ensure it is perfect down to last details. I cherish the great honour and responsibility that comes along with this.

ANTONIA - Project Executive

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From Disney princesses to girlish fantasies, from wedding chick flicks to happy endings, a magical element is what they all have in common. A moment where it all comes together in the end. Being a typical girly girl since a young age, I have dreamt and fantasized about weddings and perhaps someday being able to be the one to make one come true . . .

Then came University, where I studied psychology as a major and my participation in events coordination in my college. This exposed me to the many aspects of humanity and taught me the importance of inter-personal and communication skills. Aside from managing the administrative and logistics behind a series of events, I realized also that an eye for perfection is crucial to producing a flawless event. A vision that makes ones work hard towards it, an element that brings everything forwards. I particularly enjoyed my experiences as an event coordinator because it is joyful to see the results.

The opportunity to plan a happy couple's wedding is a blessing in which one is given the chance to create an image of beauty and perfection. What else is love but beauty and perfection itself, bringing smiles and joy that warm the hearts of those indulged in it. Wedding days are a commitment to love, and it is the job of a wedding planner to envision the importance of such special occasions, and to work hard to deliver the flawless and perfect scene for them. I wish I can be a successful wedding planner in the future and I am excited to explore my way in the wedding planning industry.

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