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Words of Encouragement

This section we reserve for our clients, who have taken time out of their busy schedule, to write us a letter of thanks and appreciation. It is great to see Hong Kong Wedding projects from start to finish and how they evolve to be beautiful and joyous. We cherish and read all our clients emails and have hand picked some to share with the web community. These words of encouragement remind us of why we are in the wedding business and push us to delivery more for our clients. We thank everyone of you for choosing Pink Diamond Wedding as your Wedding Planner.




Cordula & Richard

I had a very good experience with Pink Diamond Wedding. The team were amazing. My day was perfect because it was in very capable hands! My wedding was complicated because it involved putting together Indian, Chinese and Scottish cultures. This involved not only your typical Chinese Tea Ceremony, but we also celebrated with an traditional India Henna Party. The team helped find the location, find and booked the Henna Artist.

On my wedding day everything went completely smooth and I did not have to worry about anything. Their expert advice was so valuable in our planning process! One special surprise on the day was Pink Diamond Wedding, helped to create a surprise video that touched all the guests. Worst thing is they kept it a secret from me! I would definitely recommend Pink Diamond Wedding to any couple wanting to get married.

Karen & Jimmy

I would also like to take this opportunity to recommend our preferred wedding production company who helped us decorate and coordinate the entire wedding, Pink Diamond Wedding.

Pink Diamond was found by us through internet research and was chosen through reviews seen online by other clients. In the beginning, Pink Diamond would first sit and listen to what our desire wedding would be. Then they would input their opinions based on their experience/expertise on what is better and what will work versus what won't work. Pink Diamond would then take in consideration of Ritz Carlton's foyer and ballroom layouts when putting the design together regarding the usage of the area as well as the safety regulation. On the day of the wedding when the production were being executed, everything was exactly how it was visually shown to us through computer graphics. The decorations were very elegant which enhances the entire room and brought out the romantic environment that we requested. All my guests were very impressed! Pink Diamond's line of production took care of everything, from floral arrangements to runner, lighting, stages, vases. In other word, it is a one stop shop and it saved us alot of time.


Karlie & Jacky

We would like to take this chance to give a few compliments on Pink Diamond Wedding and its in-house production company Simply Grand.

We can’t find the words to thank their team enough for giving us the wedding of our dreams. They were professional yet very personable when dealing with what we needed and when executing the very smooth and detail rundown of our big day. Their expertise and sensitivity have exceeded our expectations; and they handled every situation with professionalism, efficiency, and insights. My family was very impressed by the flow and the overall management of our wedding, and has even set it as a standard of what a wedding or what our family’s weddings should be!

My guests were also overwhelmed by the wonderful decorations executed by Pink Diamond Wedding’s production line: Simply Grand. The decorations were very graceful and highlighted the banquet’s overall ambiance. We were especially amazed by how lighting was beautifully, thoughtfully, and skillfully utilized to create an amazingly romantic and elegant setting! My family and I would truly recommend Simply Grand Production/Pink Diamond Wedding for anyone who is looking for the wedding of their dreams. Yours sincerely, Karlie and Jacky

Malina & Patrick

I would like to say a big thank you to the team who made our wedding day the best day of our lives! It was truly beautiful and exceeded all our expectations.

Your assistance was invaluable and we really do appreciate the effort you made for us. From ceremony details, banquet management to flowers and make-up, your organizational skills were faultless and your recommendations were excellent.

In addition to the administration side of things, we really appreciate the personal touch from this wonderful team. You are such friendly, warm and kind people who go that extra mile to make dreams come true and we will be forever thankful for making our wedding an experience of a lifetime and creating memories that we would never thought were possible!

We had an amazing day. Thank you very much for making our wedding so incredible!


Mary & Edmund

Many thanks to the team at Pink Diamond Wedding who are professional and well-mannered for making our wedding truly memorable. We have made the right decision to hire their team. Our working hours are long and they have been extremely helpful throughout the planning. They gave as valuable advice from wedding day decoration to Chinese culture ceremonies. We never felt lost since we were always updated with the planning process.

On our big day, the team communicated with the right people and ensure everything went smoothly. Even the tiniest details were well taken care of. The whole wedding day was heart-warming and everything was perfect! Many of my guests are still talking about how impressive the wedding party was and how much they enjoyed. Thank you so much Pink Diamond Wedding!


Mimi & Lambert

Pink Diamond team,

Wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for the excellent service you provided us in the past few months. Pink Diamond Wedding provided us with creative and beautiful ideas for our wedding day rundown, wedding invitations, wedding venue design & decoration.

Our wedding was intimate and cozy with family and friends. All the guests enjoyed themselves a lot, joy and laughter filled up the banquet hall. When we first started our wedding planning, we did not have any idea of how the whole wedding planning project is started; Pink Diamond Wedding gave us their professional help and guidance which relieved our stress during the whole wedding planning process. We particularly love the wedding decorations as the Chinese theme was just a perfect match for the venue itself. We were very impressed when we arrived at the venue, I could say the wedding decoration was perfectly executed and it was more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

Our wedding could not have gone smoothly without your professional help! We were totally impressed by the thoughtfulness, creativity and attention to detail of your team.

We and our guests had a truly enjoyable and memorable evening.

We will have no hesitation to recommend our wedding planner - Pink Diamond Wedding to our families and friends


Phoebe & Jacky

Jacky and I are reviewing our wedding photos recently and really find it was a memorable experience for us.

For sure, it was much because of the great planning and arrangement by Pink Diamond Wedding and the fabulous decoration by Rain Forest Decor. We would like to take this opportunity to show our deepest gratitude to you and all of your team members. Thank you very much indeed.