Before Your Wedding


  • Countdown schedule
  • Budgeting
  • Wedding venue and service selections /
  • Theming


  • Wedding day, Banquet and Ceremony
  • Bridal Image Rundown
  • Transportation Arrangement
  • Music Arrangement
  • Wedding Material Checklist
  • Guest Attendance List
  • Thanks-giving Speeches
  • MC Script

Meetings & Follow up

  • Regular meetings with couple
  • Visits to various wedding suppliers
  • Decoration meetings with the decorator
  • Venue meetings & Audio check
  • Bridesmaid & Groomsmen meeting
  • Wedding suppliers follow up and

On the Wedding Day

  • Chinese rituals (Bride receiving &
  • Registration ceremony
  • Lunch reception / cocktail
  • Transportation arrangement
  • Materials arrangement
  • Decoration check
  • Music arrangement and control
  • Pre-function meeting with banquet manager
  • MC meeting
  • Procession rehearsal
  • Photo-taking section
  • Chinese nuptial tea-serving section
  • Guests seating arrangement
  • Stage management
  • Bride caring
  • Parents caring

Our Crew

  • The Chief Planner and one wedding planner to follow though the entire planning
  • The Chief Planner and 3 wedding planners to handle the wedding day
  • A Dajinjie to handle the Chinese rituals in day time

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