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Pink Diamond partners with various Hong Kong and world top photographers offer you professional and creative photography service. Our photographer networks extends from Hong Kong to Singapore, Paris, Canada, UK & US:

CM Leung http://www.cmleung.com/newblog/
+M http://www.plusmmm.com/
siuming.photo http://siumingphoto.com/
Billy Kwok (Gallery C) http://www.galleryc.com.hk/
the Stage http://www.the-stage.com.hk/
Lawrence Tsang http://lawrencetsang.wordpress.com/
Simon the Photo http://blog.simonthephoto.com/
Philip Tsang http://www.philipphoto.com/
Derek Photography http://www.derek-photography.com/
Billy Hung http://www.billyhung.com/



T. Art http://tartvideo.com/
Dino Wong’s Videos http://vimeo.com/dinowvideo/videos
AP Studio http://apstudiohk.com/



Simply Grand Production http://www.simplygrandproduction.com/