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Congratulations to Karen and Jimmy!
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Overwhelmed with romance and coziness, our lovely couple Karen and Jimmy’s wedding was held under a beautiful day in The Ritz-Carlton. As we got to understand them more and more, we came to realize their passion for sophisticated simplicity. Hence, it was our great pleasure to have organized and decorated such beautiful wedding that was full of taste and style.

Following the exciting bride-receiving games and traditional Chinese tea-ceremonies in the morning, Karen and Jimmy’s wedding ceremony was held under a romantic and loving ambiance. The gorgeous red roses arrangements seen throughout the ceremony served as witnesses and symbolism for the couple’s everlasting love. Whereas, a white carpet with the couple’s beautifully-designed logo printed on it represented their sense of style. These simple yet classy arrangements and decorations gave everyone a glimpse or a taste of how the wedding theme was like: a combination of classic and modernity.

The evening banquet was filled with more red roses arrangements, which added a sense of consistent elegance and subtle highlight to the dimly-lit setting. Guided by their groomsmen and bridesmaids, Jimmy and Karen had a fun and unconventional grand march-in when the evening banquet started. The couple then enjoyed a romantic and touching First Dance with their parents in front of the beautiful stage. The vibes of the banquet turned from cheerful to romantic with the lighting effects we have specifically arranged for the couple. It was in fact our great honor to be able to participate in such a beautiful wedding!

Wedding Planning done by Pink Diamond Wedding
Wedding Decorations by Simply Grand Production

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