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Congratulations to Jasmine and Jason!
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Celebrating a joyful and blissful wedding with their dearest family and friends, Jasmine and Jason exchanged their vows in a small and intimate church with simple floral decorations followed by a romantic and elegant wedding banquet at the Four Seasons Grand Ballroom. With a touch of subtleness and elegance, the wedding was filled with unforgettable and touching scenes that we would never forget.

We were honored to participate in developing and executing the couple’s wedding theme ideas. The floral arrangements and the simple yet grand decorations of the wedding played a crucial role in demonstrating and expressing the color palette embraced by Jasmine and Jason. The natural and beautiful combination of baby pink, white, and green was sophisticatedly paint-brushed onto the evening banquet, which helped bring out the romance, the elegance, and the naturalness of Jasmine and Jason’s wedding.

With a personal touch and flair for details including church flowers, wedding invitations ideas, wedding stationary and wedding decorations, our wedding planning team impressed the guests with an excellent finish and stylish appeal. We would like to express our most heartful congratulations to both Jasmine and Jason on their wedding day! As their wedding planner, we sincerely wish Jasmine and Jason a sweet and fruitful life ever after. Our wedding planning team had a great time working along with this lovely couple.

Wedding Planning done by Pink Diamond Wedding
Wedding Decorations by Simply Grand Production

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