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Congratulations Joyce and Kenneth - Hong Kong!
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Sanya. Shenzhen. Hong Kong. Geographically speaking, these are three different cities; but now they are all connected in one occasion – Joyce and Kenneth’s Wedding! It was indeed a very challenging and exciting mission for Pink Diamond Wedding to work on the comprehensive wedding management and planning for this cheerful couple. Given the scale of their wedding, we were able to add a great variety of elements to give the wedding its full dynamics. Let’s recall some of the wonderful and sensational moments at the wedding!

Hong Kong Winter Wonderland
While everyone is still reminiscing through the blissful memory of summer romance at Joyce and Kenneth’s wedding in Sanya, we are definitely expecting more joyful moments to come at their weddings in Hong Kong!

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong was the last location where Joyce and Kenneth held their wedding banquet. We understood that Joyce and Kenneth were such a happy and passionate couple that they would like to leave the best memories to their guests. Therefore, white, elegance, fantasy were the key elements of the decoration so as to project the theme of Winter Wonderland and Fantasy.

The banquet was full of love and fun as we arranged different things to brighten it up. Just as the guests stepped into the venue, they are immediately welcomed by the peaceful lanterns which were placed at the entrance and lighting up the sweetness. Next to the entrance, there was a candy station with all the colorful cupcakes, marshmallow and gummy bears, adding the sweetest frosting to the banquet and satisfying the guests’ taste bud. If you have a bunch of cheerful friends, it was undoubtedly a good idea to have a photo booth where guests can enjoy the wildest fantasy while taking photos with all the funny props. Once again, the banquet in Hong Kong was a great success that the newlyweds, family and friends all had a wonderful time.

At last, Sanya, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, all three missions were accomplished with great success and it was such a spectacular experience to add to our portfolio. Here we would like to give our blessings to Joyce and Kenneth: may your love bloom brighter and your companionship grow sweeter with each passing year.

Wedding Planning done by Pink Diamond Wedding
Wedding Decorations by Simply Grand Production

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