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About Pink Diamond Wedding...

Pink Diamond Wedding is a Hong Kong based Wedding Planning company that strives to be at the leading edge of the Wedding Planning Industry. Usual the first question our industry partners ask us is: "why include Pink Diamond in your name?". Many know diamonds as beautiful, sparkling, and natural. In addition, people know it as the world's hardest and toughest natural substances and a valuable gemstone. What tends to be forgotten is the amount of work there was to find and unearth the natural diamond. The master craftsmen involved that expertly make minute adjustments to bring out the most brilliance. The whole process from a piece of raw material to a brilliant stone after cut and polish makes each diamond and its story unique. We incorporate this whole process in our philosophy and approach to Wedding Planning.

The work to locate and bring the diamond into the Sun is like a couple coming together, getting engaged and planning to have their Wedding. The Stone in it's initial form can have different inclusions and colors. This is similar to how different every couple is to us, unique and with a different story on how they came together to meet us. The Pink Diamond Wedding Planners are the master craftsmen that take this story and raw material, incorporate their expertise that allows the stone to become a brilliant diamond. The end resulting being a well planned, precious, and unique wedding experience that is one of a kind.

Pink being the color for romance and love was a natural choice of color to represent what we do.

"Thoughtfulness", a word used by couples to praise Pink Diamond Wedding’s team, which also express their expectation on every wedding planned. It makes Pink Diamond to take "being thoughtful" as our mission. Leaded by our Director, the team is specialized in all aspects of wedding preparation and provides a variety of services designed to suit the needs of each individual couple. A personal wedding planner will be involved throughout the entire wedding. We ensure that every aspect of your special day is executed to the finest detail and guarantee that you will have an enjoyable wedding to remember.

Communication is the key to be thoughtful. Wedding is a business of families, rather than just the bride and the groom. We arrange regular meetings with couples, not only to understand your needs, but also to pay attention to the parents' thoughts. Pink Diamond can help with communications between couples and their parents. Our knowledge and expertise also help you to resolve any issues around wedding traditions.

Overseas wedding is another highlight of Pink Diamond's services. We have had experience as primary wedding planners in Hong Kong for overseas Chapels in Guam and Bali. Though our focus is no longer in these locations, the experience has been invaluable to us. We have take this experience with our expansion in China. China has developed to become an exciting location for the team as many of our couples will have wedding both in Hong Kong and other China locations. Our clients looking for locations outside of Hong Kong is increasing and we look forward to bring our experience, professionalism, and work ethic into those events. With years of wedding planning experience in Hong Kong, our team can definitely organize perfect weddings for couples.

Pink Diamond Wedding's reputation for excellence is built on a solid foundation of exceptional services provided by our team.Resulting in us becoming the preferred wedding planning company of many couples every year. As a testament to our service and quality, Pink Diamond Wedding is on the recommendation list of many world-class hotels in Hong Kong. We also have strong partnerships and relationship with many of the hotels at locations of overseas weddings

Let us guide you and be your master craftsman in making your wedding perfect and unique!